"Nicole was able to connect with my loved ones on the other side proven by her accurate descriptions of personality traits as well as physical appearance. Everything she said was personal and not from anything you can gather online like an obituary. I actually don’t have social media and I use both my current husband’s and ex husband’s last name. The connection definitely stemmed from her gift as a medium and I felt she was able to give me some joy and peace of mind."

Liz Moore

"I love Nicole Wintermyer readings so much! She is always on point, she is honest, and she truly has helped me to move forward in business, personal life choices, and she will give it to you good or bad, it will be the truth! But what separates her from all of the rest, is that beautiful ability make the best of your future. Nicole is a professional that I think everyone should have an experience with one of her readings! Thank you Nicole!"

Rebecca Matakovich

"Nicole is a fabulous medium an working with her was a wonderful experience. She truly cares about what you are seeking and she went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information I needed to understand and be comfortable with our session. I highly recommend Nicole and anyone would be lucky to have her as their guide as they seek understanding and clarity. A great person inside and out."


"Like so many other people, I was skeptical because I thought "these" people were stalking Facebook pages for information. I am no longer a non believer. The things she told me were things that only someone close to my brother would know about. His weird and wonderful sense of humor and his big hugs. It was truly an amazing experience."

Susan M.

"Was beyond amazing. she really connect to my past friend. knew about his personality etc.. very highly recommend."

Suzanne Turner

"This is the second time i have had a reading by Nicole. The first one was for me and this last one was for my daughter who requested one. I have to say that she was so spot on in describing us and answering all our questions with clear confirmation. My daughter feels so much reassure in what path to take now.. and I also feel like I got my answer I needed to hear to help me make a decision I desperately have been avoiding . I can't thank you enough. look forward to more readings in the future."

Nelda Blandon

"I was appreciative and thankful to have a recent reading with Nicole. Her information was spot on and helped clarify the situation that was on my heart. She truly has a remarkable gift and kind and loving soul."

Faith Springs

"Had reading with Nicole this morning, just want to first say Thank you to her and to Spirit for their time. Her connection to my Grandmother was authentic and wonderful. Thank you for the messages. I highly recommend her. Thanks again Nicole."

Tracy Dee

"So I just had my reading and Nicole was AWESOME! I can't believe everything she said to me because it was all true!! This eperience has made me feel so much better physically and mentally!! If you are looking for someone that can give you peace, Nicole is the person you want to talk to!! Thank You! I highly recommend!!!!!!!"

Danielle Tolino

"Nicole connected us to several of our loved ones who have passed and it helped to bring peace and comfort. Her essence and approach to connecting with spirit is very calming."

Susan Maggetti