A Mother's Intuition...

Hi, I'm Nicole.

I'm a Psychic Medium.

I'm also a writer, a teacher, a dancer, a musician, a cook (so my kids tell me), a writer and most importantly, a Mom. I have four kids, a husband, dog and kitty that require my constant attention and nurturing. My mind is constantly in GO mode and my goals in life are to deliver messages from those in spirit and to help people find balance to lead happier more fulfilled lives!

Growing up, I had little understanding of intuition, psychic abilities and connecting with those in the spirit world. And even though I used my abilities many times throughout my life, I stuffed down any "supernatural" experiences out of fear and ignorance.  And while I trusted and often followed my intuition, I was embarrassed to explain or talk about the experiences I was having.  

Then in my early 30's, I experienced a "re-awakening" after the death of a close loved one. During this time, I became aware that information I was afraid I was "imagining" about people alive and passed, was indeed accurate and provable. Which lead to a massive shift and beginning of my personal spiritual journey and development.

 I listened and followed my intuition.  I honored it instead of tucking it away.   

After years of research, education, practice and mentorships, I felt it was time to share this knowledge and my abilities to help others. Using my intuition, I can provide you with awareness and offer guidance on particular areas of your life and breakdown for you how it affects yourself and others. I can also connect with your loved ones in spirit and provide you with evidence of their continued existence and give messages they wish to communicate.

Qualifications: Since 2016, I have trained with, taken courses and received certifications from world renowned Psychic Mediums: Lisa Williams, Denise Lescano, James Van Praagh, Amy Utsman, Cindy Kaza, Gina Scarpino, Kay Reynolds and many Others. Mediumship is an honor and requires a lifelong commitment of development. I am continuously mentoring, learning and expanding my development and offerings.