Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the difference between a Psychic and Mediumship Reading?

A Psychic Reading is a soul to soul reading between the client and myself, using my inherent intuition to gather information. In a psychic reading, I perceive information using my sixth sense. Whereas a Mediumship Reading is a soul to spirit reading with myself and your passed loved ones or guides. During both Mediumship and Intuitive readings, I receive information clairvoyantly (through images), clairaudiently (through sounds and words) and clairsentiently (sensing or knowing). Similar to communicating telepathically, but between myself and spirit. In both Intuitive & Mediumship readings, my job is to deliver the information spirit is giving to me to the best of my abilities. How you perceive this information and what you do with it, is entirely up to you.  I'm not going to convince you of anything or prove anything to you. I am simply the messenger.

What should I expect during a Psychic Reading?

Psychic Readings discuss current situations, potentials and future possibilities to specific questions you have or provide general guidance and insight in any area of your life. Popular categories include Health, Travel, Career, Finance & Relationships. An Intuitive Reading may also include Tarot or Oracle cards for further exploration. We can customize your reading to address whatever you like.

What should I expect in a Mediumship Reading?

Nothing at all. Come into your reading with an open mind and let spirit surprise you. Your passed loved ones in spirit will provide me with evidential details of their existence after death, through information I could not possibly know. Such as: personality characteristics, behaviors, memories, etc... and will often times relay guidance and inspiration for you. Spirits retain their personality on the other side. So if your loved one was loud and funny on earth, they will likely communicate that same way to me, so you will know it is them. Just be open to receiving! I only wish to provide you an opportunity to know that life continues on after physical death and that communication with our passed loved ones is possible!

Will who I want to speak with in a Mediumship Reading come through?

There’s no guarantee who will come through, as there are reasons beyond my understanding why a spirit may not be available or chooses not to communicate at a given time. As someone who works for spirit first, I believe spirit will send through the person who's message is most timely and needed. And that it is up to you, the sitter, to make sense of and understand why that spirit chose to come through with the information they provide. It is possible you may not recognize whom the realtive is during the reading, but you will at least be able to relate to and understand their message.

What makes someone a Medium/Intuitive? Can I be a one?

We are all born with intuition. Some people are aware of it, nurture it, and utilize their "sixth sense", while others may believe it's "hokey" and therefore subconsciously block it. As far as mediums, I'm not sure that everyone is born with the ability to connect to the spiritual plane. But if you are one of those people, it will eventually become undeniable. Even so, it takes time and effort to learn and grow your abilities, especially if you should decide to use your abilities to read for others. Readings can be extremely personal and healing for people, but may also be very draining energetically or emotionally on the medium. You must learn how to harness energy, manipulate and protect it to protect your health and well being. If you think you might be a medium or want more information, please send me a message.