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Legal Disclaimer: All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, medical or professional advice. By engaging in a reading with any psychic, you understand that psychic experts do not diagnose illnesses or predict absolute future events. You understand that the use of this website is merely for referencing purposes and is not intended to be regarded as professional judgment or advice.

Mediumship Reading

During a mediumship reading, I connect with your loved ones who have passed on. I provide evidence of who they were while on Earth and communicate any messages they have for you. Sometimes it's messages of love and sometimes the messages are specific to particular things currently happening in your life.

I cannot guarantee that who you wish to hear from with will come through. Spirit decides who and what messages are needed at the time.

Phone, Virtual or In person

Psychic Reading

Provide insight, guidance and inspiration on particular happenings in your life using intuition. This can be a general topic reading including topics such as Relationships, Careers, Finance, Travel, Health and Spirituality  or specific to questions you are seeking answers to.

Phone, Virtual or In person

Psychic  Mediumship Combo Reading

Combination Reading including BOTH Mediumship and Psychic details. Requires an hour time period.

Phone, Virtual or In-Person

Relationship Reading

 Looking to improve your current relationship with a spouse, child or coworker? In this reading, I will identify the strengths and weaknesses in the relationship and how to bring balance and harmony where communication styles differ. 

Having difficulty finding a partner?  I will determine what is holding you back and give you steps to finding that special someone!
30 min/$150

Phone, Virtual or In-Person

Aura Reading

During this reading I will discuss what the energy in your aura is telling the universe about you, the impact it has on others and how to facilitate change if necessary. This is especially helpful in understanding the behavioral patterns that continue to show up in your life.

Phone, Virtual or In-Person

Sage Consultation

Learn about the ancient smoke ritual, Saging, to cleanse, protect and bless spaces and people. Consultation includes recommendation on which materials to use, their properties and purposes and how to Sage yourself or your space. 

Phone, Virtual or In-Person

Group Psychic or Mediumship

Grab some friends or family for a group style demonstration of Mediumship or for Mini Psychic Readings for a group party or gathering!
Special 2 Hour Group Rate!
2hour/$25 per person 

For groups larger than 8, please contact me